WPF Two Way Data Binding

I never saw this before – I wanted to make a configuration parameters Datagrid on a cpu load gauge. I could get the Datagrid values to edit and change, but the changes did NOT propagate back to the actual object

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WPF Data Bindings

  Playing with some new toys today — I am trying to use WPF anywhere I would otherwise use the WinForms technology. So I am supposed to check diskspace on some remote hosts (Windows Server 2003) and I don’t want

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WPF Matrix Rain Dashboard Control

WPF Dashboard

  Video of the dashboard control running is at : CodePlex Updated: Source code for this project is now hosted at CodePlex ( The hardest part of this (or any) dashboard gauge is the collection of the telemetry /

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WinForms vs WPF

I just finished a calendar control with customizable colors (as an exercise mainly) and then I wanted to use it in a new Modern UI (Metro) theme. Ugh, I had done all my work using the WinForms framework: System.Windows.Drawing. The

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