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WPF Two Way Data Binding

I never saw this before – I wanted to make a configuration parameters Datagrid on a cpu load gauge. I could get the Datagrid values to edit and change, but the changes did NOT propagate back to the actual object

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WPF Data Bindings

  Playing with some new toys today — I am trying to use WPF anywhere I would otherwise use the WinForms technology. So I am supposed to check diskspace on some remote hosts (Windows Server 2003) and I don’t want

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WPF Matrix Rain Dashboard Control

WPF Dashboard

  Video of the dashboard control running is at : CodePlex Updated: Source code for this project is now hosted at CodePlex ( The hardest part of this (or any) dashboard gauge is the collection of the telemetry /

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WinForms vs WPF

I just finished a calendar control with customizable colors (as an exercise mainly) and then I wanted to use it in a new Modern UI (Metro) theme. Ugh, I had done all my work using the WinForms framework: System.Windows.Drawing. The

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WCF For Matching Legacy SOAP Web Services

New WCF web services: Can you match my older SOAP messages? When interoperability with vendors means matching existing services, you need to tweak the Data Contracts. Legacy services can have some unique structures that are sometimes hard to match. Using

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Singleton WCF Web Service

The needs of the many, met by one. In this scenario, we have a look up (WCF) web service that needs to return a matching customer code when invoked with a caller ID parameter. The look up table is static

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